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2020 kicks off an exciting decade in the evolution of ROAR Logistics.  Just in time for the new year, ROAR has begun a new podcast titled “What the Freight” which positions them as an expert in the industry through industry relevant topics ranging from domestic trucking to international freight import and export considerations.

“The 1920s are often referred to as the roaring 20s,” said Bob Rich III, President and CEO at ROAR, “We’re going to make the 2020s, the “ROARing” 20s and ‘What the Freight’ is going to position us as a logistics industry expert and valuable resource for shippers and carriers alike.”

“What the Freight” airs once a month with members of the ROAR leadership team and special guests from around the transportation industry holding an open discussion and candid dialogue. There are currently two episodes available, with a third episode releasing soon. The first episode is titled “Peak Season Perspectives” while the second one focusses on import/export and international shipping considerations.

“When we recorded the first episode, it was all so new,” said Bob, “In determining the Complexion” of the show, there were so many considerations.  Do we want to be funny or serious? What do we want to garner from this?  Who are we trying to reach?  Eventually, we decided that we wanted the podcast to reflect the spirit and demeanor of our company.”

ROAR is in the process of building a new headquarters at 535 Exchange Street. Senator Chris Jacobs, New York State Senator for the 60th district, says ROAR’s new state of the art campus will be a gateway building into the Larkin District. The energy efficient building is set to open spring 2020.

According to Bob, the podcast is the “cherry on top” for forward-thinking plans that will see ROAR’s public profile grow as an innovator and leader in the transportation industry.

“We want listeners to walk away from our podcast thinking ‘These guys get it’,” said Bob, “ROAR understands what is happening in the industry and how to stay cutting edge. The podcast is a great way to highlight our knowledge and pay homage to our successes, letting people know what we’re doing going forward and what we have accomplished over past 15 years.”

ROAR Logistics is a world class industry leading third party logistics provider with offices throughout North America. Tune in to “What the Freight” once a month for industry perspectives with members of the ROAR leadership team and beyond. You can listen to all the episodes here.