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Without logistics, entertainment as we know it would cease to exist. If there were no global supply chain providers like ROAR, there would be no hot dogs at the ballpark, the caterer wouldn’t have any ingredients, that gorgeous lakeside wedding venue wouldn’t have tables and chairs, and cruise ships wouldn’t get stocked with food, beverages, fuel, toiletries an all the other essentials that make for a memorable journey.

Logistics is a carefully orchestrated symphony of interconnected modes of transportation (road, ocean, air, rail – ROAR) with the sole purpose of satisfying the demands and deadlines of customers. When you get to the heart of what matters, ROAR, like all the other REG brands, delights in delivering memorable experiences, one customer at a time.

So, a round of applause, if you would, for this essential back-of-house service, which just so happens to be the highest grossing subsidiary of Rich Entertainment Group. To learn more about ROAR’s work, click here.  

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