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At Jericho Road Community Health Center, volunteers walk through new experiences with low-income community members and refugees to find new meaning and purpose in their lives. Jericho Road offers unique volunteer opportunities to individuals looking to teach, mentor, and serve the community in a substantial and personal way. Volunteers receive a new perspective on what it means to give back to better our communities.

Jericho Road Community Health Center, founded in 1997 by Dr. Myron and Joyce Glick,  opened as a family practice at 184 Barton Street to provide medical care to all those who entered, regardless of their ability to pay.  Built due to their compassion and dedication to the West Side of Buffalo, the agency has since grown into a federally qualified health center that includes full-service medical care; global health outreach; and community programs including essential services such as mentorship for pregnant mothers, assistance navigating social services, and interpretation support.

Jericho Road currently has 14 different roles across seven programs. With expansion and growth, came a pressing need to grow volunteer roles and positions. The volunteer positions range from legal assistance through the Vive shelter for asylum seekers, to mentors in The Priscilla Project, which provides education and friendship to at-risk pregnant women. For a full list and description of volunteer opportunities visit:

“Volunteers add value to Jericho Road Community Health Center giving us greater capacity to serve our community by contributing their time, skills, and fresh perspectives,” says Marie Moy, Manager of Volunteer Engagement. Rich’s Associates looking to give back have options to pick from at Jericho Road, helping them find the right fit.

“In return, volunteers, gain new skills, experience cross-cultural connections, have networking opportunities, and often find meaning and purpose that only comes from giving of ourselves,” says Moy. The journey of volunteerism is truly a two-way street of giving. Volunteers find the opportunity to step in someone else’s shoes and reveal a new outlook on life.

To learn more about the organization, their global outreach, and how you can make a difference, please visit