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With school out-of-session for a week, what better time than spring to round up the family and catch a tropical breeze away from home? Get a head start before summer hits and pack up your things, get the kids excited, and get ready for your next spring break family getaway!

With school out-of-session for a week, what better time than spring to round up the family and catch a tropical breeze away from home? Get a head start before summer hits and pack up your things, get the kids excited, and get ready for your next spring break family getaway!

Here is a quick look at our top 5 spring break destinations for families.
Cocoa Beach, Florida has many affordable hotels and restaurants.
Hilton Head, South Carolina offers a wide range of land, water, and aerial activities!
Palm Springs, California has exciting, family-friendly tours showcasing its landscapes and historical landmarks!
Outer Banks, North Carolina is perfect for families looking for tons of affordable outdoor activities!
Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful family-friendly beach resorts with kids-centered amenities.

Each of these spring break destinations for families were chosen for their budget-friendly and kid-friendly activities along with how well they fit into week-long school breaks. These locations also aren’t teeming with college-aged spring breakers so the entire family can relax in a refreshing and age-appropriate environment.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

This Florida surf town is one of the best family vacation spots with plenty of affordable hotels and restaurants nearby. Spend your spring family getaway boogie boarding on the white-sand beach or go sightseeing at the town’s historic landmarks and museums.

Cocoa Beach is also known for its relaxing and laid-back culture. Even the waves are calm and consistent. There’s also a great variety of wildlife by the coast and tons of sightseeing attractions, including zoos, kayak tours, deep-sea fishing spots, and more!

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island—which is fewer than five miles wide and 12 miles long—offers plenty of great family-friendly spring break beaches perfect for swimming, skiing, parasailing, surfing, and soaking up the hot sun. On land, there are golf, horseback riding, museums, and more. The island is also filled with a network of over 100 miles of scenic trails to be explored by bike or foot with your family.

Hilton Head also offers a wide range of children’s activities, including an interactive children’s museum called The Sandbox, the Coastal Discovery Museum, and a whole bunch of family-friendly water activities at the Shelter Cove harbor.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is located in the warm southern California desert and has an array of affordable activities that make it one of the best spring break destinations for families. Check out the landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and enjoy a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto.

The city itself is very walkable with plenty of family-friendly restaurants and accommodations. With Mt. San Jacinto and other picturesque mountain ranges in clear view, Palm Springs is great for taking memorable family snapshots to frame in your living room when you return home from paradise.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Outer Banks have some of the best family spring break destinations for families. This chain of barrier islands features beaches, mini-golf courses, dolphin watching, aero tours, kayaking, and so much more. The coastal villages offer plenty of local food and attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Outer Banks culture is rich with heritage and the locals say that life there is all about balancing nature with a good time. The people of Outer Banks appreciate their home and find all sorts of ways to have fun. From weekend concerts to water sports, and even dockside rumors of the infamous pirate Blackbeard’s spirit roaming the island, North Carolina’s Outer Banks is a treasure of a location practically made for families.

Puerto Rico

There are so many family-friendly locations in Puerto Rico to choose from, we thought we’d list the entire island as a go-to spring break destination for families. Beautiful family beach resorts and hotels with kid-centered amenities make Puerto Rico—the heart and soul of the Caribbean—one of the best spring break trips for families.

Puerto Rico offers numerous destinations and accommodations for families of all sizes with any budget, from beach hotels to all-inclusive resorts. There are plenty of walking and biking trails to enjoy wildlife, as well as other adventurous outdoor activities including ziplining, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kiteboarding.

Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, you won’t have to worry about getting a passport before making travel plans to any of the islands. Just bring your driver’s license with you to prove your US citizenship. Also, make sure not to set foot in any foreign port before arriving in Puerto Rico.

Ready to Go on a Spring Break Family Vacation?

If you and your family can’t wait to pack up your things and schedule a trip to one of these gorgeous spring break destinations, consider getting in touch with a travel agent to help you get started on your search. Our experts at The Travel Team can’t wait to help you and your family decide where you want to go for your next spring break getaway!