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It may be cold and snowy this time of year, but don’t let that stop you from getting outside. There are plenty of fun winter activities for the whole family to enjoy in the coming months, as long as you’re willing to strap on your winter boots and bundle up!

Start working on your winter bucket list with these outdoor activities:


Sledding is a popular way to spend an afternoon and is among the most fun winter activities for the whole family. Family members of all ages can enjoy this accessible and simple outdoor thrill. It’s the perfect excuse to do something together. Find a good, snow-covered hill and grab your toboggan, tube or saucer for some real winter fun!

While sledding is always exciting, there are ways to add enjoyment to your snowy, speedy outing. Carve a path for your tube or saucer to cut through the snow or add a ramp at the bottom of the hill. But remember, safety first, especially when there are little ones participating.

Ice Skating

Grab your skates and hit an outdoor ice rink on a cold winter day. Enjoy gliding along the ice in the fresh air with the whole family before heading home to enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa brimming with marshmallows.

Enjoy a leisurely skate around the rink holding hands with a loved one or watch the kids put skates on for the first time. Watch your children learn a fun new skill while playing together in a new setting!


Take in some astonishing views and get in a little cardio while hitting the slopes with your little ones. Both downhill and cross-country skiing are fun for the whole family at a resort with lots of snow and beginner terrain!

Many ski resorts have instructors on hand and run training seminars designed for kids and adults daily! Even if your family doesn’t have any experienced skiers, it is never too late to start or for kids to learn. Plus, the little ones will love riding the lift to the top of the mountain.


If you’re feeling adventurous, snowboarding is a fun thing to do in the winter with your family after a fresh blanket of snow! Be sure to dress warm and bring the proper safety gear.

For families on a budget, you can borrow snowboarding gear until you determine whether your child enjoys this winter activity. If you plan on heading to a ski resort to give snowboarding a try, many have the proper equipment for rent!

Ice Fishing

This popular winter sport is a fun, relaxing way to spend your day outside during the chilly winter months. Before going out, make sure that the ice is at least four inches thick. Bundle up with plenty of extra layers for this winter activity!

Ice fishing was once a popular activity for American families and has since undergone a bit of a rebirth as a family activity. New tools and equipment make ice fishing safer and more enjoyable.


Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an Olympic star to participate in this winter sport involving heavy stones and brooms. Enjoy a fun curling match on the ice with your whole family this winter at Canalside!

Your family will have fun switching between the different curling roles and trying something new. Perhaps another family will be at your local ice rink and want to curl with you!

Ice Bowling

If your family loves to bowl, why not try bowling outdoors on the ice? Ice bowling is growing into an established sport in chilly climates and it makes for a really fun outdoor winter activity! Indoor and outdoor rinks all over the country are embracing this fun new activity! A twist on traditional bowling, ice bowling adds a layer of skill and fun to this classic activity.


Take your family on a relaxing winter hike in a park or the woods for some beautiful white and green scenery. Enjoy the snowy views and take pictures along the way.

For maximum enjoyment, add thick layers and bring a thermos full of hot cocoa or tea. Find a scenic overlook or clearing on your hike and enjoy a relaxing respite!

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