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More and more local companies and small businesses are recognizing the importance of serving the community and promoting community engagement. Serving the community as a small business doesn’t necessarily mean monetary support. There are many ways a business can give back to the community with their time and talents.

Here are some business community service ideas to inspire you for the new year:

Clothing Drive

If you own a retail store or child care center, a clothing drive is a great community service project idea for your business. Get your community and staff involved in a drive that helps individuals and families who are less fortunate. Find a local partner to help you discover the needs in your community, as well as pick up and distribute your donations.


Taking the day off for volunteer work is a great way to get your small business engaged in the community while giving your employees the chance to get involved! Some ways to serve your community through volunteer work might be to clean up a local park or help a non-profit organization in your region for a day.

One of the many ways Rich Entertainment Group gives back to the community is volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity makes homeownership possible for local low-income families through grants, donations and volunteer labor.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor a local event funding a cause or organization that you want to support. This is a great opportunity to show your support for the community publicly, while also gaining some exposure for your business. There are many sports teams, theater productions and community events that rely on sponsorships and donations from local businesses!

Support a Local Charity

Donate a portion of your time or talents to a local charity that supports your business’ values. Show your customers and community how much you care about local residents by supporting a charity in your region.

Create a Scholarship

College is a huge expense for many families. Help a student in your community fund some of their college tuition or supplies with a scholarship from your business. To tie the scholarship to your business, design it specifically for students pursuing a career in your business’ industry.

Participate in Local Events

Serving the community as a small business includes an element of social responsibility and business community engagement. Participate in events or festivals that are important to your community, and use the opportunity to network with local people and businesses!