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Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, private party, or birthday bash, the Florida Keys stand out as a prime location. The region is known for its beautiful beaches, warm temperatures and stunning sunsets. However, planning Florida Keys events takes some careful coordination. From the time of year you want to host your gathering to the venue itself, there are many factors you need to take into account as you prepare your event.

Time of Year

Florida’s weather can be both pleasantly warm and sunny or excessively humid and stormy; it all depends on the season. Between late fall and winter, temperatures are usually comfortable with low humidity and rainfall. April and May are the most popular time to host Florida Keys events since the weather is usually very pleasant and the natural flora returns to bloom. However, this time of year brings lots of tourists and travelers. Booking availability drops while prices rise.

Late spring through early fall bring humidity and chances of severe rainstorms or hurricanes. While this time of year is usually cheaper and has more availability, having an outdoor event might be uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst due to the weather. You may need to have an indoor backup option available should you decide to plan an event during this time of year.


Diverse, picturesque venues are dotted throughout the Florida Keys. From luxury beachfront resorts and boutique hotels to tropical gardens and waterfront properties, there are venues available to accommodate any kind of vision and budget. When selecting a venue, you’ll want to know exactly what is included in their package options, including chairs, tables, and audio and visual equipment. If you are planning an outdoor event, you may want to consider venues that offer indoor accommodations as a backup for poor weather conditions.

Party Rentals

While some venues have the tables, chairs, tents, linens and other equipment you might need to plan a party, others require you to bring your own. If your venue doesn’t provide these items, you’ll need to contact a party rental company. Party rental companies will need to know how many guests to accommodate, whether your event is outdoors or indoors and what equipment you require.


A party isn’t complete with fresh, high-quality food for guests. Since you’re hosting an event in the Florida Keys, you might want to opt for caterers whose menus are inspired by local cuisine. Catering by Green Turtle Inn & Kaiyo Grill produces restaurant-quality fare for its customers across the Keys. Located in Islamorada, Catering by Green Turtle Inn & Kaiyo Grill has a range of packages for party planners to choose from, including selections for:

  • Beverages
  • Breakfast and Brunch
  • Hors D’oeuvres
  • Platters
  • Plated Dinner
  • Stations
  • Theme Buffets
  • Late Night Snacks

Each menu includes a blend of authentic Florida Keys cuisine and options that are sure to please the crowd!


Guest experience is important for any party. Music plays a big role in providing a great overall experience for your partygoers. So, you might need to plan for a band or a DJ to perform. If you decide you want to have a band or DJ provide music at your event, be sure that your desired venue can accommodate them.

Travel Plans

Whether you’re traveling down to the Keys from afar or live in the region, you’ll likely need to coordinate some kind of travel plans. This could include airfare, hotel blocks and rental cars. You may also want to consider having local transportation plans ready to make travel to and from the event easy for all guests.