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About Us

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Rich Entertainment Group (REG) is all about bringing friends and families together through unique and memorable experiences. Our sports operations, theatre productions, and luxurious travel and hospitality options have something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for the roar of the crowd, an inspiring musical performance, that first taste of a delicious meal, a breathtaking locale, or a relaxing day on the golf course—REG has it all.

Mindy Rich
Executive Chairman of Rich Entertainment Group

Meet the dynamic and experienced group of industry-leading professionals that guide each of our unique business groups

Mindy Rich Executive Chairman of Rich Entertainment Group
Robert Rich, Jr. – Senior Chairman, Rich Products Corporation, Chairman Bison Baseball Inc., Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Inc. and Morgantown Baseball Inc
Joseph Segarra – President of Rich Entertainment Group, and Senior Vice President of Finance and the Family Office for Rich Products Corporation
Mike BuczkowskiPresident, Rich Baseball Operations
William Kreiner – General Manager & Executive Chef, Campus Food Service, Rich Products
Beth O’DonnellSenior Vice President, The Travel Team

Luke ThomasSenior Vice President, The Travel Team
Kevin Parkinson Vice President/Operations & Finance Rich Entertainment Group
William Grieshober – General Counsel
Denise Coffey – General Manager of the Glen Iris Inn
Bob Rich III – Founder & President of ROAR Logistics
William F. Riter – Rich Aviation Department Manager
Kevin Aman – Vice President Communications REG
Samantha Latshaw – Content Marketing Communications Specialist

Meet our family of entertainment businesses

Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of moments shared with the ones we love.
We believe passion is fueled by connection and community.
We believe food nourishes our souls and minds.

We believe joy can be found in everything; from the simple to the sublime.
We believe in adventure, innovation and experimentation.
We believe taking risks provides great rewards.