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The month of March is International Women’s Month where we reflect on past accomplishments within Women’s History and celebrate the new achievements of all women. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign is #EachforEqual which encourages all people to actively challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements. At Rich Products Corporation and Rich Entertainment Group (REG), we are excited to take part in this initiative and showcase the incredible talents of all our female associates here at World Headquarters and across the globe.

As the owners of three minor league baseball teams, REG is proud to support America’s pastime, and combine sports with bringing friends and families together. Morgan Helmer, Director of the Business Department for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals has been with the team since the very beginning of their start in 2007 and she has loved every second of it. “I saw the stadium being built from the ground up. It creates a different sense of ownership in my opinion. I have seen the team grow so much in the past 12 seasons and to be with them from the start adds passion to my work.” Aside from the growth of the team, Helmer also enjoys the community excitement. “Being born and raised in the area I have a sense of attachment to my community and to see them get excited about baseball season brings excitement to my work with the Naturals. I get to work where people love to come and not many people can say that.”

Being a female in a male-dominated industry such as Minor League Baseball can be difficult.

While working with other minor league teams at industry-wide events, she has battled stereotypes and at times has struggled to make her voice heard. Being one of the only few females in an office can be a challenge when collaborating with others in the industry, but for Morgan, it’s quite the opposite with her team at the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

Arvest BallparkHer associates at the Naturals are extremely inclusive and have always encouraged her to voice her opinions. “There have been times where I have been the only female in the office and never did, I ever feel like the only female. I would say that sometimes I do realize when working with other teams I am getting overshadowed by men, but this has been a very rare occurrence.” Morgan went on to note that the Minor League Baseball national office has even gone as far as creating the Women in Baseball Leadership committee. The committee is composed of female executives within the industry who create and curate the Women in Baseball Leadership Event. The event is for women who currently work full time for a minor league or major league team where women in the industry have the chance to discuss a variety of topics that are relevant to women in the workplace today.

From the start of her career thirteen years ago to where she is now, Morgan reflected on her growth with the team. “I did not know what to expect when I first started working with the Naturals in 2007. I was hired as a merchandise coordinator and I had zero expectations. When I look back at the past 12 seasons, they have gone by so fast and I am so thankful for the opportunity to grow with the team over the years. Our success here is not based on individuals. We are successful as a team and even though my title has changed over the years, we as an entire team have all worked together to encourage all our growth.”

According to Forbes, men are 40% more likely than female managers to be promoted. Morgan’s growth over the past 12 seasons goes to show how determined the Norwest Arkansas Naturals are to create an inclusive environment and promote within regardless of gender.

With thirteen years of experience in the male-dominated baseball industry Morgan encourages all women to go out and do what they want regardless of the industry and gender norms.  “If you are interested in the field do not let the fear of a male-dominated workplace scare you. I have been very fortunate to work with such an inclusive team, and I understand that not every workplace will be like mine, but do not settle for anything less. Find yourself a home like I have found mine.”

When asked what #EachforEqual meant to Morgan she had this to say, “Each for equal means that everyone has a voice. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender, and cultural values and beliefs we all deserve to make sure we are being heard.” “Whether you’re an intern or the vice president of a company, it is on all of us, to create an equal workplace where anyone and everyone feels included, and we here at REG fully believe in inclusivity for all.”

At Rich Products Corporation and Rich Entertainment Group (REG), we appreciate all our female associates and the strides they have made for our company today, tomorrow, and always.