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The Mickey Family on the Ice at Canalside

The Mickey Family

If your New Year’s resolution included getting in shape this year but your exercises at the gym are starting to get boring, then head to Canalside this winter and enjoy the outdoors! The Ice at Canalside allows you to brush off your old skates and get back into your health and wellness grove by mixing up your workout plan. If you don’t own a pair of ice skates, you can rent a pair for only $4! This is a great way to meet up with friends and family while staying in shape at the same time.

According to health professionals on an average person can burn anywhere between 250 and 600 calories from just an hour of ice skating! Aside from just burning calories, ice skating can help improve your joint and muscle health. Ice skating works almost every muscle group in the body and requires a certain level of balance which builds up the abdominal and leg muscles in your body. Ice skating is also a great way to relieve stress! During physical activity, your body releases endorphins in the brain which decreases stress levels and improves mental clarity.

With all these health benefits it’s easy to understand why people love getting out on the ice.

Anthony Scanzuso on the Ice at Canalside

Anthony Scanzuso

Anthony Scanzuso, a Buffalo native says he comes to The Ice not only to get some exercise in but to keep his hockey skills fresh.

“The rink is big enough for anything you want to do. If you want to work on your inside edges and outside edges, or if you want to work on your backward skating or 3-point turns you can come out here and work on the different kinds of things you want to work on.”

Cory Mickey, an avid hockey player and trainer, brought his two sons with him to The Ice. He says The Ice is his favorite place to get some great cardio in while spending time with his kids.

“Canalside offers kids the ability to learn how to skate and train on their skills, it’s great exercise. During the summer or winter months, Canalside is a family-oriented place to get some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors.”

Whether it’s brushing up on old skills or just wanting a new and fun way to exercise, The Ice at Canalside offers an enjoyable way to get fit while spending time with friends and family. Individual and family season passes are available for purchase online which allows you to get out on The Ice up until March 1st. If you just want to go for a day, you can purchase a single-day ticket on arrival at the ticket booth right next to the ice-skating rink.

Make exercise fun again! Come to The Ice at Canalside and enjoy all of what the Buffalo Waterfront has to offer.