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From behind the bench or behind his desk, Bob Rich III, Founder & President of ROAR Logistics, inspires a culture of caring in his associates. Photo courtesy of ROAR associate, David Deluca, taken at the 11-Day Power Play fundraising hockey tournament.


Breast Cancer Fundraisers are Cornerstone of Company’s Charitable Efforts

ROAR’s tagline might be ‘Our client sleeps tonight,’ but it’s evident that this team is very much awake and engaged with their community. The ROAR Logistics team organized several activities to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer throughout the month of October. Leading the charge was Founder & President, Bob Rich III, who says his team rallies together to support breast cancer to celebrate survivors and commemorate the lives of those who lost their battle.

“I don’t believe that there is any individual who hasn’t known someone who has been afflicted by this terrible disease,” said Bob of ROAR’s commitment to the cause. “Raising money for breast cancer research and awareness is, by far, our largest concerted effort as a company.”

Since 2016, ROAR has launched annual GoFundMe campaigns for breast cancer. The 2019 fundraising goal is $5000 and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation committed to match ROAR’s total campaign contribution dollar-for-dollar.

Associates were also encouraged to make a minimum $5 donation to a breast cancer charity of their choosing. In return, associates received one of two specially-designed ROAR breast cancer t-shirts. In 2003, Bob started the newly-founded logistics company’s annual Halloween Costume Contest to raise funds for breast cancer. Every year, ROAR contributes on behalf of each associate that dresses up for the contest. If an office has 100% participation, ROAR makes an additional contribution, and if the company has 100% participation, an additional donation is made.

As a leader, Bob believes he has an obligation to his associates to inspire and fuel their passions; and he leads his pack by example.

“So often in companies, people hear their leadership talking solely about driving the bottom line and pushing them towards corporate goals,” explained Bob. “While the bottom line is paramount to our business, we also believe having associates pursue personal goals is crucial to our success.  We love celebrating what our associates do, not only for the business, but for each other and their communities.”

To further celebrate his associates, Bob will be introducing a new company award this year. The Silver Lion will recognize the individual and group community service efforts that best embody the ideals, values, and vision of ROAR Logistics.

“I believe that character defines culture and the ROAR crew understands and lives this every day,” said Bob. “Our team has created a very unique culture, a culture that embraces not only the values and ideals of the company but a passion for giving back and helping those who need it the most in both their local and global communities.”

Bob also believes in letting associates help steer the company’s charitable efforts. He feels that if an associate is passionate enough about a cause to bring it to his attention, ROAR has an obligation to support that endeavor.

“We constantly promote the concept of social responsibility, which drives our team to take it upon themselves to spearhead efforts and energies towards the charities of their choice,” said Bob. “We have committed to our team that we will support and promote their efforts and encourage all of our associates to give back throughout the year.”

Bob’s early education in social responsibility came from his grandmother, Janet Rich.

“She was an amazing woman whose faith drove her to help so many,” recalled Bob. “I don’t know if she ever knew how much she inspired me to do the same.”

ROAR Logistics team helping at a breast cancer charityFollowing in his grandmother’s footsteps, Bob has led ROAR’s support of countless charities and communities over the past 15 years. But one relief effort in particular stands out as the most meaningful. During the Flint water crisis of 2014, ROAR spearheaded ground logistics in WNY to palletize and coordinate the shipping of 14 truckloads of water to Michigan. Five years later, Bob vividly recalls his trips to Flint and the impression that the people of this struggling community made on him.

“I traveled to Flint with several busloads of WNY volunteers to mobilize the delivery of water to some of the neediest communities,” said Bob. “Each time we went, we were assisted by every community member, young and old. There is an amazing resilience to the people of Flint that energized me and stuck with me all this time, inspiring me to inspire others to give back.”

As further proof of this leader’s global mindset, Bob does not measure ROAR’s community impact in dollars in cents but rather by the ripple effect each small act of good generates in people and communities.

“My hope is that our efforts motivate others to get involved in their communities to achieve a greater good, and that impact exceeds anything we will ever be able to quantify.”