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Galentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to celebrate your closest friendships with the latest Galentine’s Day themes, foods, and decor. If you’re hosting Galentine’s this year, make your get together memorable with these Galentine’s party ideas.

Breakfast Bash

A Galentine’s Day celebration doesn’t get much better than a Leslie Knope-style breakfast party. After all, the Galentine’s founder herself (the main character from Parks and Recreation) thought breakfast complimented just about anything—including friends!

Breakfast on the morning of Galentine’s Day can start with a classic mimosa bar, fruit, eggs, bacon, and sticky buns. Or enjoy Leslie’s favorite stack of heart shaped waffles piled high. Give guests the option to add toppings with a fully stocked waffle bar complete with nuts, fruit, and whipped cream!

Boozy Brunch Party

Spend a boozy afternoon enjoying a bloody mary or mimosa bar while munching on a brunch spread that includes frittata, smoked salmon, shrimp, and assorted pastries. Dress up your spread with a Galentine themed pink tablecloth, pink and red place settings, and confetti. Some of our favorite brunch themed Galentine’s party ideas include photo booths, DIY crafts, karaoke and a gift exchange. Cozy items like fuzzy blankets or something personal based on a special interest always go over well!

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is a great way to spend your Galentine’s evening with friends. Fruity cocktails and wine make for the perfect Galentine’s Day drinks. Serve on a festive, decorated table or bar cart for extra flair and sophistication. Provide some light appetizers and small bites at your cocktail extravaganza, such as veggie or cheese platters, finger sandwiches, or dips for your guests to enjoy while they mingle and sip their drinks. DIY drink infusions with herbs and dried fruit have recently become popular while classic mixed drinks like the Side Car or Manhattan have roared back in popularity.

Movie Night

Start the evening with a delicious (maybe even decedent) dinner with your favorite gals, then settle in for a movie night afterward! Your movie night can double as a pajama party for a cozy sleepover. Before you kick off your extravaganza of friendship centered cinema, put together something sweet for a movie intermission treat such as fruit and yogurt parfaits or s’mores.

Galentine’s Day movies are usually centered on friends and non-romantic relationships. Options spanning eras and genres include Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde, and Thelma & Louise. Or choose a film series and make it a movie marathon with Harry Potter or Twilight. Choose a theme like movies by a specific actor. Films starring the living legend Julia Roberts have often explored themes of female empowerment that make perfect Galentine’s Day viewing.

Spa Party

Treat yourself and your squad to a little Galentine’s Day pampering with an at home spa experience, complete with mimosas and massages. Consider hiring a professional to come by the host’s home ready to pamper with facials or foot massages. Take your Galentine’s spa party to a whole different level with plush bathrobes and swag bags for all.

To prep your space for a spa party, try strings of fairy lights and oil diffusers for some aromatherapy. Put together a spa themed playlist ready to put you and your gals in a mood of rejuvenation and solidarity on your new favorite “non-holiday”! Invite guests to bring their favorite snack to share or stick with handhelds like cucumber sandwiches, romaine lettuce wraps or seaweed salads, in lieu of a formal meal. As for drinks, stick with champagne by day or a robust red wine for a nighttime spa themed gathering by night.

Chocolate Party

Just because you’re forgoing traditional notions of romance this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to forgo chocolate. Start with chocolate themed party favors and a chocolate bouquet. Chocolate themed decor could include streamers, confetti and banners.

As for libations, try chocolate cocktails such as mudslides with coffee flavored liqueur, vodka, Irish cream liqueur, and double cream. Elevate your chocolate infused evening with a white chocolate martini pairing rich white cream, vodka, and vanilla bean. If this year’s Groundhog Day predicts another six weeks of winter, warm up with an adult hot chocolate flavored with a dash of natural mint this Galentine’s Day.

Fondue Party

Sticking with fare perfect for the group setting of Galentine’s Day, try fondue. This 1960s classic makes for a great Galentine’s Day food idea. The fondue trend returned to the food scene a couple of years ago and is still a favorite at parties today. Long considered a winter delicacy for its richness and communal style, its history is one of being accessible to all.

Fondue features cheeses, oils, warm broths and even chocolate dips meant to be savored with crostini bread, lean meats or fruit, respectively. Fondue can be savory or sweet, but it’s always an indulgence perfect for Galentine’s Day. Traditional fondue features mellow white cheeses mixed with cooking wine but other possibilities include meats flash-fried in oil or slow cooked in warm broth.

Tea Party

Tea has also made a comeback in modern food culture and makes the perfect Galentine’s Day for those who want to throw something together last minute. Traditionally, the tea served at parties is English Breakfast or Earl Gray. But the term “tea” has expanded to include fruit, herbal and non-caffeinated tea options. Teas can be served with milk, sugar and honey or can be hot or chilled.

As far as the tea time menu goes, cupcakes, chocolates and dainty miniature fruit pies are all appropriate for Galentine’s Day. For something savory, cucumber sandwiches are an easy yet sophisticated option with just three ingredients: sliced cucumber, rye bread and dressing!

Whether your catering needs include “non-holidays” like Galentine’s Day or festive occasions like a wedding or a workplace Christmas party, REG’s got you covered!