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Autumn is in full swing and that means crisp temperatures and changing leaves are in abundance. During this time of year, there’s nothing quite like staying cozy inside and getting together with friends and family. The only thing that makes those moments even better is sharing great fall flavors and desserts. Whether you want to try your hand with popular fall flavors or want to bring home unforgettable fall desserts from local shops like Frost Artisan Bakery, make sure these flavors are on your list.

Visit Frost Artisan Bakery

Located at 1197 Niagara St., Frost Artisan Bakery is one of the newest culinary additions to the neighborhood. All the baked goods that come out of the kitchen Wednesdays through Saturdays are inspired by modern takes on classic home recipes. Customers can shop for select treats from Frost’s storefront or contact head pastry chef Jasmine Hidalgo to order custom cakes, cookies, pies and more. While Frost’s menu features everyday favorites like cannolis, cupcakes and cream puffs, their menu also includes a number of rotating seasonal additions. This fall, be sure to stop in to taste the kitchen’s fall desserts, including seasonally inspired tarts, tortes, cake truffles and cheesecake bars.

“Besides the traditional apple and pumpkin flavors, our customers can get a taste of ginger molasses, bourbon pecan and maple treats this fall! We’ll also be selling Halloween cookie kits this October before getting into pie season for Thanksgiving,” shared Jasmine.

Enjoy These 5 Popular Fall Flavors


When you think of fall foods, apples are probably one of the first that comes to mind. Apples of all varieties are in season during fall, which is why you’ll find orchards packed with visitors eager to get their hands on the best pickings. Pies, tarts and crisps with apples in them are highly popular in fall, since apple goes so well with other essential fall ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.


If you haven’t had pear in the fall, this year is the time to try something new. While pears aren’t as popular as their fruity cousin, the apple, they’re just as delicious for fall desserts. Pears have a mild sweet flavor that is wonderfully elevated by other ingredients like honey, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom. They’re a great addition to muffins and can start as the front-and-center fruit in pies and even cakes.


While pumpkin spice—which actually isn’t pumpkin, by the way; it’s the spice blend used to flavor pumpkin dishes—has taken over many fall desserts, the season wouldn’t be the same without some classic pumpkin flavors. Like apples, pumpkins are also ready to harvest in fall. With an earthy yet sweet flavor, they are wonderfully delicious in just about any dessert you can think of, including cakes, pies, cookies, muffins and pancakes.


Warm, gooey caramel works wonders as a flavor addition or on its own. Often used as a drizzle over pies and cookies or as a way to sweeten fruits, this sticky, sweet flavor is a fall favorite. Add salt to your favorite caramel treats for a unique twist on this classic flavor. Salted caramel brings out a savory finish for an extra pop of flavor.


Similar to caramel, maple is one of those great flavors that can make a good dish great or stand out on its own. Authentic maple can be used to glaze cookies or serve as a syrup to go on top of treats. Maple is also a wonderful flavor to bake with carrots or walnuts for moist, sweet, earthy treats like cake, muffins and cupcakes.