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Living in the 716, Buffalonians know just how long, cold and snowy winters can be. Sometimes it feels like the cloudy, slushy days never end. There’s nothing like warm weather winter vacations for a pick-me-up from those cold-weather blues. If you want to trade snow and ice for sun and sand this winter, there are plenty of warm destinations to choose from, including Florida, Mexico and Aruba. But how do you decide which paradise is perfect for you? Working with a travel agency like The Travel Team makes it easy to pick warm places to visit and plan an unforgettable destination vacation.

Plan a Trip With The Travel Team

Preparing for a vacation, especially for warm places to travel in winter, involves a lot of organization. There are a lot of details to account for, which can be pretty stressful or overwhelming to handle on your own. Working with an advisor from The Travel Team means you’ll have a trusted partner to manage all of those troublesome itineraries and accommodations for you. You’ll also have access to their treasure trove of contacts, offering up unique experiences that you might not have otherwise discovered. Whether you want a completely customized trip or just need help planning the basics, The Travel Team has everything you need to ensure your getaway is memorable and stress-free.

Warm Winter Vacations


Florida’s a warm weather haven for those seeking an escape from snow and ice. You can expect sunshine and temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low 80s, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. Towns like Islamorada in the Keys, come to life in the winter, when tourists and travelers flock to the region’s stunning resorts and crystal-clear beaches for sunbathing and good times. Islamorada also has a thriving restaurant scene, which includes Kaiyo Grill, The Green Turtle Inn and The Nest. Palm Beach is a great option for those looking to get away for some world-renowned golfing, with courses like Palm Beach National scattered throughout the coast. Orlando is popular among families looking to find magic and adventure at Disney World.


Mexican winters average a beautiful 75 degrees with very little rainfall, making it a perfect place to retreat from the cold. Known for spectacular all-inclusive resorts, cities like Cancun and Tulum are favorites among sun-seekers. These resorts come jam-packed with pools, cocktail parties, spas and endless relaxation. Outside the resorts, both cities boast miles of pristine beaches, plenty of friendly locals, beautiful cityscapes and access to historical wonders like preserved Mayan ruins. Holiday festivities abound during winter, as the country hosts traditional, vibrant celebrations for La Posadas and Christmas.


The Dutch-Carribbean island country of Aruba offers winter travelers one of the most unique getaway experiences. Aruba’s temperature lingers around the mid-80s during winter. Even its waters stay warm during this time of year, making it perfect for those looking for a world-class beachside adventure. The clear waters, lined by palm trees, are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Arikok National Park is another must-see. Comprising almost a quarter of the island, the park features gorgeous desert-like terrain and wildlife. Travelers should also take a walk around the local towns, which have their own special blend of American, Dutch, Caribbean and Spanish influences in the culture.

Tips for Traveling in Winter

Winter weather can make it tricky to travel to warm destinations. The best way to minimize travel headaches is to book a direct flight to your destination. However, direct flights aren’t always an option. If all flights have a layover, opt for the shortest travel times and plan in advance to account for layovers. Delays are the biggest concern during winter travels. While you can’t change the weather, you can plan for it and make sure that you have plenty of time in between flights or other travel accommodations. Having a travel advisor can help you sort through these logistics for total peace of mind.