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The wedding cake display table is one of the centerpieces of any reception. Not only does it set the stage for the highly anticipated dessert course, but it also serves as a popular photo op location. Decorating a custom wedding cake table should reflect you and your future spouse’s love story and personal style. If you need inspiration to plan your own wedding cake display, consider these tips and ideas.

Tips for Creating a Wedding Cake Display

Your wedding cake table should be cohesive with your wedding theme. So, from the table itself to the desserts displayed, the styling should all reflect the elements used throughout your venue. The table should also be big enough to comfortably hold desserts and have room to serve them. If you choose to use decorative accents like linens and table runners or cake trays, use colors within your decor palette. You’ll also want to consider where the table is located. Ideally, you’ll want an easily accessible location with soft lighting for a romantic, inviting look.

Wedding Cake Table Ideas

Rich’s Catering & Special Events and Frost Artisan Bakery help create beautiful, lifelong memories in unique wedding venues in Buffalo, NY including The Powerhouse, The Atrium, Shea’s and The Bank. They can design menus and custom desserts for your big day, including your wedding cake display table. Some current trends include:

Classic and versatile, flowers are a popular choice. Use flowers that match bouquets and arrangements around your venue to elevate your display. You can create a floral display around the bottom of your display table, use scattered petals on top of the table, or add a floral garland for a backdrop.

Adding a small chalkboard or marquee sign is a cute touch to any display table. The sign can feature you and your spouse’s names, what cake flavors to expect, a special quote, or a sweet message to share with guests.

Lush greens are a nice choice for outdoor or whimsical weddings. Use potted plants, hanging vines or garlands around your table for a natural, organic touch.

Complementary Desserts
Modern weddings often feature more desserts than just cake. If you choose to serve multiple sweet treats, consider using your display table to showcase the full variety spread featuring flavors that go well with your cake.

Personalized Touches
Individualized elements like a monogram, framed photos or other memorable items placed around the cake further cement your new union.

Plan Your Wedding With Rich’s Catering and Frost

Rich’s Catering & Events and Frost Artisan Bakery can turn your dream wedding into a reality. Their teams take the time to really understand your vision down to the smallest detail. Reach out to them today to start planning menus and custom desserts for your special day.