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Planning is paramount for stress-free travel with young children. We consulted our travel experts to compile these top tips to help you plan your next adventure with kids. Whether it’s a road trip or a lengthy flight, we’ve got you covered!


Packing intentionally may require a little extra time but the rewards of stress-free travel are well worth the investment. Here are some strategies to help you pack for your next family vacation:

  • Pack each family members’ outfits in individual bags. This will save space and make mornings simpler.
  • Matching outfits may be cute for family photos, but you should pack for comfort and aim to bring mix ’n’ match outfits for ease of coordinating.
  • If you’re flying, always keep a spare outfit for each family member in your carry-on.
  • Carefully consider what baby gear you’ll need while traveling. Are the stroller, portable high chair and playpen all necessary? Many hotels and attractions rent these items for a small fee.
  • Think about packing a limited supply of bulky items such as diapers if they can be purchased locally or ordered online and delivered to your destination.
  • Put extra thought into what games, toys and snacks you’ll want in your carry-on bag to entertain kids during a long flight. Chewable items are helpful during altitude changes.


Take the time to plan car and air travel entertainment ahead of time. Thinking through what sorts of activities will keep the kids busy and happy will make everyone’s trip more enjoyable.

  • Load your device with games and movies everyone will enjoy.
  • If you have more than one child, bring a headphone splitter so both can enjoy the show.
  • Remember to pack power strips and charging equipment.
  • Crossword puzzles, a new book, stickers and coloring books are all suitable for small spaces and minimize screen time.


Now that you’ve tackled the ‘traveling’ part of the trip, here are a few simple ways to ensure everyone enjoys the destination.

  • Get required vaccinations early to allow ample time for possible side effects to subside.
  • Childproof your hotel room by covering outlets, low doorknobs and sharp corners with painter’s tape.
  • Try to plan your activities around your kids’ regular schedules. Avoid skipping naps and eat familiar foods at normal times.